Rigorous teacher evaluation can be used as one component of a program to address the problem of achievement gap schools. It is important in this solution to work on the complexity of effective teacher performance: not only is the track record of prior success essential, but greatly changed working conditions (teacher assignment, administration, curriculum & instruction, governance) are a must.

1. Teachers who can claim a "track record of success with students who are in an expected achievement gap" nominate themselves, or are nominated by other educators.

2. The 3-5 year track record is documented with a serious teacher evaluation system: multiple/variable data sources (including achievement), dossier, panel decision.

3. Cadre of 15-17 successful teachers is formed. They select an administrator from their own experience.

4. Cadre is assigned a population of students in an "expected achievement gap" school for 3-5 years.

5. Value added achievement is documented.

6. Cadre is moved to another school.