Elementary Student Survey Form (Readers)

                                               Agree Sure Disagree
I know what I'm supposed to do in class           3    2    1
Teacher shows us how to do new things             3    2    1
There is enough time to finish my work            3    2    1
This class is not too noisy or rowdy for learning 3    2    1
I learn new things I can tell you about           3    2    1
I know how well I'm doing in class                3    2    1
This is a good teacher                            3    2    1
Teacher treats me with care and respect           3    2    1
The rules in class help us to learn               3    2    1

These items may be added if you wish:

We have enough materials and supplies to learn    3    2    1
This class is not too slow or fast to learn well  3    2    1

Here are references on these items:

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Student survey 7-12