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Forms are the paper records that contain the data for teacher evaluation.

This collection of forms is the most up-to-date that we are aware of, and some variations that others have developed and like a lot. Each teacher should select the ones among these that best make the case for his/her merit, value, and impact. Usually 4 or 5 separate data sources, with results over several years, document the performance.

Select the topic you are interested in, and view several possibilities. When you have made your selection you can print, or highlight, save to your disk and use.

(The fair use of these forms is: educational purpose, not for profit, choice of individual educator for whom data are gathered).

 Parent Surveys

 Student Surveys

Professional Activity

 Peer Reviews

 Teacher Tests

Student Achievement

 Action Research

School Improvement

Systematic Observation

Administrator Annual Report

Unique to Teacher


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