New Practices
to Improve Teacher Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation:
New Directions & Practices 


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1. Emphasize the function of teacher evaluation to seek out, document, and acknowledge the good teaching that already exists.

2. Evaluate to reassure teachers and audiences (parents, legislators) that good work is going on.

3. Place the teacher at the center of evaluation activity.

4. Use more than one person to judge teacher quality and performance.

5. Limit administrator judgment role.

6. Use multiple data sources to inform judgments about teachers.

7. Use variable data sources to inform judgments about teachers.

8. Spend the extensive time and other resources needed to recognize good teaching.

9. Correctly use research on teacher evaluation; examine "research based" claims.

10 Attend to the sociology of teacher evaluation.

11. Use the results of teacher evaluation to encourage personal professional dossier building.